$CASHX Tokenomics is very straight forward and dedicated to its development which will directly benefit to all the investors. With Cashx, you can stake and farm to earn more BNB, trade them on decentralized exchanges. And the best part? There are no buy fees, no frills, and no shady business. Just straight-up utility and fun.
$CASHX operates on the BSC (BNB), ensuring fast and secure transactions for our community. With a limited supply and a deflationary mechanism in place, $CASHX has the potential to increase in value over time, rewarding early adopters and long-term holders.
The team behind $CASHX is dedicated to its long-term success and sustainability. We have implemented measures to protect the community's interests, such as eliminating taxes on transactions, securing liquidity in a locked LP (liquidity pool), More marketing and adding more features to the system.
Absolutely NO TEAM TOKENS as our team is looking forward to make CashX the most successful reward system on decentralized ecosystem.
50% Tokens are reserved for the FairLaunch and the DEX Launch.
25% Tokens are kept for Networking Reward System which will be distributed to the new joiners over time.
10% Tokens for CEX listing and 10% for the Staking and farming.
5% Tokens are allocated for the marketing to boost $CashX popularity through different mode of advertising.
There is no tokens for the advisor and all tokens will be locked for 1-12 months.
TOTAL SUPPLY : 100,000,000
TAX : BUY 0% and SELL 5%