How does it work?

Early entry into the system is very important as more senior level you reach, higher the upgrade income you receive.
To start with, you have to pay $25 joining fee (or equivalent to 0.1 BNB) to our wallet directly by connecting your wallet to our website which is fully secured by latest JS technology. Once the payment is done, your account will be activated immediately and you will be able to see your dashboard, referral link, deposit, levels and other details. Now you have to make a list all your near & dear once on paper with contact details. After that, you have to tell about the concept to them as per their financial need/dreams & project. Who wants to enroll in this concept, create a Metamask wallet, upload BNB and join under your ref link.
Since this is a 2 x 8 Auto Forced Networking Matrix Plan. For that, if you do sponsor 3rd person, he will be placed in the empty space under any of the members who hasn't yet completed his/her 2 members. But as you are the parent sponsor, $15 ref income will go to you even though the person is attached under somebody else to complete the matrix plan.
You can refer as many family and friends as you want, there is no limit on it and you will receive $15 ref income on every successful referral who pays $25 joining fee.
This is also called helping plan as you are helping filling your downstream as the members you invite after completing 2 members under you, automatically fit under someone randomly.