What is Parent ID

Parent ID is the the first member ID in the CASHX network. We will issue total 100 Parent IDs. There will be No Direct Entry into the system so everyone who joins CASHX network will need sponsor ID. Those who want to join CashX will have to contact any of the parent ID holders to get referral link and you will directly goes under them. Parent ID holders become sponsor for new joiners. Check Joining Fee Distribution.
Note: This page will be deleted once the presale on Pinksale is over.

Why do I need Parent ID?

You don't need parent ID to join CashX Network but you do need sponsor ID to join the same. If you come across CashX network through social media, you will need to contact any of the parent ID holders to get reff link for the registration.

What benefits for having Parent ID?

Parent ID holders will receive direct commission of $16 (60%) every time new member joins under them. And Parent ID holders will be at the top of the tree. They will be the head of the system and receive upgrade fee before anyone else.

Will this change in the future?

This is permanent and there is no way to change this system. You will receive lifetime free passive income if you enter early in the system. Imagine nobody can joins the system without you and every time new member joins, direct commission of $16 goes to you instantly. Also you receive 100% level upgrade fee from all down-line members.

I missed parent ID campaign, Can I still join?

Again, Parent ID is just for first 100 people as we need some top tree people to start the concept. Everyone will be able to join the network as long as you have sponsor ID.