About us

We are a team of experts from different sectors including crypto, networking, marketing, law and blockchain development. We are very excited to announce this project which is built using blockchain technology for the purpose of decentralized rewarding system focusing on providing huge profit and opportunities for investors. As a closed ecosystem, access to the Cashx top tier will be restricted to community members. In order to gradually privatize our community of enthusiasts and risk-takers, we will be releasing our mobile apps at later stages.
We fell in love with the networking space, and the opportunities for entrepreneurship and community building it provided. After grinding everyday to expand our knowledge and portfolios, we decided it was time to embark on a new venture in early 2023. With the connections that we established from our time here, we were approached with a business opportunity which ultimately became CashX Network ($CASHX).
We want to build something truly special for our community that combined our love of crypto and networking and the potential of decentralized reward system. We were determined to create a better experience for our community, as we had personally been in bad staking protocol situations where we ended up losing our investments. Our goal for the project is for it to be reliable, innovative, fun, and offer endless possibilities for expansion.
We are proud to present our project, CashX where our aim is to deliver an unparalleled experience to our community, building a platform that will exceed all expectations. We are dedicated to building a business that is not only profitable but also impactful, offering our members rewards for believing in us.
Join us on our journey and help us a build a community that is here to stay. We believe that with our passion, dedication, and innovation, the sky's the limit. So come along for the ride, and let's build something truly amazing together.
In terms of our long term end goal for the project, the possibilities are truly unlimited. We want to establish ourselves as a leading platform for decentralized online crypto reward networking
To achieve this goal, the project will focus on building our own infrastructure for decentralized online networking, incorporating features such as automated joining, automatic payments and level upgrade, user-to-user automatic transactions, and a fair and transparent weekly winner mechanism. Additionally, the project will strive to attract and continuously reward a large and active community of investors, as well as fostering partnerships with other Web3 projects to expand the CashX ecosystem and offer integrated services.
Another important aspect of the project will be to ensure long-term viability and stability for our holders. This is why, upon launching of the project, CashX will create an insurance fund for our stakers. A majority of the team profits will go into the insurance fund to ensure that our investors can be made whole in the case of an unpredictable catalyst destabilizing our staking mechanism.