$CASHX Utility

CASHX is a very unique and promising project which will benefit every investor and those who participate in the reward system. We prioritize ease of use for our investors, whether you're an experienced investor or a newbie. We want everyone to feel comfortable using our wallet, so we offer a variety of products and services, including staking, joining reward system, weekly winners, and metaverse integration. Our ultimate goal is to provide a powerful decentralized ecosystem that offers the most advanced reward system and networking concepts to every participant. There is a huge benefit being the community member of Cashx specially if you are a joining early in the system.
$CASHX will be utilized to pay into liquidity every time there is a new entry in the networking tree. Some percentage of the joining fee will be used to buyback CASHX every time new member joins. This will gradually increase the price of CASHX token and benefit all the holders.